Supreme Program


Customized workout program to help you improve your physical & mental ability.

Supreme Program

nutritional counseling

12 week program with our nutritional coach. Meal Planning, Bi-Monthly Zoom Calls.

Supreme Program

Personal training

Workout with your own personal coach helping you with one-on-one training.

Supreme Program


We have put together two levels of evaluations to help start you on the right path.

I was having knee pain and went to see a surgeon about my options. Of course, he suggested surgery after diagnosing a meniscus tear.

After some research with Coach Brix, we found that people who have surgery and people who don’t wound up in the same place in one year as far as healing.

By this point, I could not bend my knee past 90 degrees. So Coach really pushed the concept of purposeful movement. Getting blood flow to the knee for healing. We used compression and specific exercises. It didn’t happen overnight but I was pleased how quickly we made progress. Seeing results, we knew we were on track for healing. In 2-3 months I was back to full motion.

Thanks to Coach’s guidance I was glad I was able to avoid surgery. The knee has never bothered me since!

Tom Russel


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